Important meeting dates!!!!!!

We kindly request residents to note and do your best to attend all the following dates for meetings concerning key issues ongoing in High Path.  Events shall take place at High Path Community Resource Centre unless otherwise stated.

Key meeting dates where attendance is of the utmost importance are in bold italic below.

Monday 6th October 6pm – 8pm.  Merton Council Estates Plan Support Surgery – To offer residents help filling in their survey, and explain the choices being offered. If you are unable to attend, please refer to the Top Tips post and please do not hesitate to post a message here for further support.

Monday 13th October 6pm – 9pm.  Repairs and Maintenance Meeting – Mark Anderson (Regional Director of Property Services) will also be present from 7pm to discuss and answer questions relating to current issues surrounding repairs and estate services. This will also be an additional opportunity to log your repair issues where details will remain with HPCA to help follow up if needed.

Monday 20th October 6pm – 8pm.  Merton Council Estates Plan Support Surgery – Same as the above for the event dated 6th October

Sunday 26th October 7pm – 9pm. ***Note that this is a change of date from what was published in our 1st newsletter***
Quarterly General Meeting
– Agenda; Circle draft financial offer, draft master plan, repairs and maintenance issues.

Monday 3rd November 7pm – 9pm.  Regeneration meetingPaul Quinn (Director of Regeneration) will be present to discuss and answer questions concerning regeneration.

Monday 10th November 6pm – 8pm.  HPCA Surgery – Discuss your concerns with High Path Community Association on 1-2-1 basis. Also present shall be NewmanFrancis independent advisors experienced in regeneration matters supporting residents with regeneration queries.

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