The Estate Plan Survey

Merton Council has released an Estates Plan survey discussing the future of High Path, Ravensbury Grove and Mitcham Eastfields. This survey is crucial for putting your views across, especially if you have not attended all design workshops. Please be wary of the response deadline of 28th October. Merton Council will use surveys by taking your regeneration feedback into account.

Top tips for completing the survey:

  • It is very important to get your views correct in this survey whether you are for or against regeneration, this survey will help clarify the majority of the choices you make towards the future of this estate.
  • Please be aware that there are errors in the survey and if this makes you unsure of a question then contact your MP or the HPCA.
  • The survey is one per person not one per household as it may appear. Please ensure you attain the correct quantity for your household.
  • Ensure you have fully read and understood the question before answering.
  • Get support from our MP or HPCA filling in the survey if you have physical difficulties.
  • The survey is very long and uses complex English. Contact our MP or HPCA if you have problems understanding the survey.
  • Attend the meetings set up by HPCA or contact us to ask any specific questions.
  • Send queries via email, WordPress or Twitter. Residents can then refer to these answers if needed to save time also.
  • Please ensure you clearly put all your views on the back page of the survey. The more you put, the more you will have helped Merton Council understand what this regeneration means to you, who will also capture and hold this on record for future reference.

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