Nice Gallery

Merton Abbey Mills is for up and coming (and established) artists. A fact that has been widely celebrated ad infinitum. A part of it is currently home to former Wimbledon College of Arts students and their capturing of that space between what is easy, and what is challenging, to view.

We are fortunate to witness this in action, the resulting diligence of these artists and more importantly the flowering of their efforts before our eyes.

Within this forum is Nice Gallery and its accessible facility for this talent.


Art is not for the highly educated and does not have to be bought or seen by the wealthy or privileged. Art is for all. So it is with the deepest sigh of relief that we can applaud what they are achieving, and contemplate, when an aspiring Nancy Allen is engrossed by the “dominance of two-dimensional images and, lack of understanding experienced when using new technologies”.

Visit the gallery and make the most of the surrounding facilities: the delicious food and brilliant music. It will colourfully inspire you as the seasons of Spring and Summer quickly approach us to brighten up our days.


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