Share your family stories of World War One

Did any of your relatives live in Merton during the First World War?

As part of the Carved in Stone project, we will be staging a number of War Story Days where volunteers will film short interviews with Merton residents whose relatives fought in the First World War, or supported the local war effort. If you have family stories that you would like to share, or wartime memorabilia that we can record for posterity, we would love to hear from you.

The War Story events will also feature a range of talks, photographic displays, children’s crafts and access to wartime documents and objects.

War Story Day 1: May 23rd, 10am – 4pm. Morden Library, Merton Civic Centre, London Rd. Morden.

War Story Day 2: June 20th, 10am – 4pm. Acacia Centre, Grove Road, Mitcham.

War Story Day 3: August 1st, 11am – 5pm. Wimbledon Studio Theatre, The Broadway, Wimbledon.

If you would like to be interviewed, or want more information about these events, please call:

Kelvin Shewry or Sarah Gould, Tel. 020 8545 4038/3239. Email:

Full details of the events will also be advertised through the local press and via


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