Dig Merton and Nelson Garden

The area of Abbey Ward is awash with green space and in order for this to be enjoyed it needs to be maintained.

Unkept grass and overgrown hedges can be a pleasure to observe for the untrained eye,  sometimes though mother nature needs a little help in order to sustain the horticultural benefits we so desperately need in this age of digital overload.

We on the High Path estate are fortunate enough to have exceptional partners in our community and we have teamed up with one such agency, Dig Merton to take up the challenge of beginning the work of maintaining this piece of land.

nelson garden

Nelson Garden (above)

Our aim is to have an action group that will take charge of the gardens and meet regularly to work on it. How things develop from there is entirely up to the community!

We are meeting for our first session of digging and planting on:

Saturday 11th July, 9am – 11am. Refreshments will be provided.

All are welcome!

High Path Community Association: Residents’ Meeting Dates

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Hello All, Tomorrow we have our regular residents’ meeting.

If you live on the High Path Estate do come and please inform your neighbours as we would very much like to include all in our community.

We intend to cover as many of your concerns as best we can and on the leaflet attached you will see key points which we have highlighted for the coming weeks.

A5 HPCA flyer June July_000001